Player & Volunteer Registration

Anyone with special needs can play in our league! There is no age limit!

We have several volunteer positions available including Buddies, Coaches, Umpires, Team Moms, Concessions, etc.

Individuals must be at least 12 years old or older to be a Buddy.

We run two seasons per year: Spring and Fall.

We understand that the registration process is time consuming and to ease the administrative burden, we only require returning players and volunteers to submit the complete registration package each Spring.  During the Fall registration period, we ask that all returning players and volunteers fill out a Camden County PSA Waiver form and attend the registration meeting to update or validate their registration paperwork that we have on file.

All new players and new volunteers must complete the entire registration package.

**NOTE**  Both of the registration forms have been updated to include the required Camden County PSA Waiver Form.  You do not need to download it separately unless you are registering for the Fall Season.

The Player Registration form can be found here: Player Registration Form
The Volunteer Registration form can be found here: Volunteer Registration Form

The Camden County PSA Waiver Form must be filled out for each player and volunteer.  It can be found here: Camden County PSA Waiver Form


The Georgia Background Check Form must be filled out for each volunteer that is 18 years old or older that will participate as a volunteer and will be on the field with the players (Buddies, Coaches, Team Moms, Umpires, etc).  The Background check form can be found here: Georgia Background Check Form

When submitting the Georgia Background check form, please include a photocopy of the front of your driver’s license.  This will be used by the Kingsland Police Department for processing.

The cost to register a player for each season is $30.00.

There is no registration fee for volunteers.  Buddy shirts will be provided to each Buddy free of charge.