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Homer – Justin’s Miracle Field Mascot

We need players and buddies!

Anyone with special needs can play in our league! There is no age limit!
We have several volunteer positions available including Buddies, Coaches, Umpires, Team Moms, Concessions, etc.
Individuals must be at least 12 years old or older to be a Buddy.
The player registration form can be found here: Player Registration Form
The Volunteer Agreement can be found here: Volunteer Registration Form



The St. Marys United Methodist Church Foundation has awarded a grant for $78,000.00 to Justin’s Miracle Field!

This is the amount that we needed to complete the construction of Justin’s Miracle Field!
Construction delays have caused us to reschedule our GRAND OPENING to October 22nd!

We are going to continue our fund raising efforts to pay for equipment, insurance, uniforms, etc.

We are now starting to gather information on players and buddies. If you are interested in participating in our Fall season, please use the link above and fill out a registration form.
We are SOOOO excited and cannot wait to say Play Ball!!!

Miracle League

We are very excited for this opportunity for children with special needs to participate in the game of baseball to reach Camden County!
Building a field that can be enjoyed by children with special needs has been a long time wish for my wife and I. We have teamed up with an incredible group of friends and have worked extremely hard to make this field a reality in Camden County!
We still need your help!  We are currently working on building a storage shed at Justin’s Miracle Field.   Additionally, we have big plans for an accessible playground that will be constructed adjacent to the field. 
We are always looking for players, volunteers, coaches, umpires, etc.
There are over 1000 children with special needs in Camden County and surrounding areas! This field will change the lives of countless children, their families and the entire community!

Justin's Miracle Field